Protecting Our Borders From the Scourge of Conservatism

Okay, I'm sorry, I was wrong and I owe the American Civil Liberties Union a sincere apology. Last night I accused them of being a bunch of stoners interested only in protecting Mexican citizens while they enter our country illegally, harassing a law abiding organization that is only interested in making sure said Mexicans (and the 30% of others who cross the border illegally who AREN'T Mexicans)DON'T cross the border illegally and, of course, getting stoned. I neglected to mention that they performed yet another valuable service to human kind: Protecting our borders from Sean Hannity.

Yes it seems like Mr. Hannity, who was at the Arizona/Mexico border for a couple days reporting in the Minutemen and the illegal alien problem, stepped through a hole in the barbed-wire fence to the Mexican side yesterday to illustrate the ease with which an illegal alien can cross into the United States of America. Anyone who sees the tape can tell it was clearly nothing more than a demonstration done for the benefit of his television viewing audience. Nevertheless, the joint-toking vigilantes of the ACLU were at the ready with their video camera:

First of all, Hannity didn't climb over, he climbed through the fence, illustrating exactly what he set out to illustrate, namely, just what a joke our border with Mexico is. Secondly, you have to be stoned to think that Hannity spent a "few minutes" over the border. To even say he was on the Mexico side of the border for a few seconds would be a stretch. Finally, as Hannity was informed by the Border Patrol guy he was interviewing, the fence is three feet inside the U.S. border and on U.S. property.

Nevertheless, the vigilant stoners of the ACLU dutifully turned their video tape over to the Arizona Democrats, who undoubtedly accepted the offer of a toke of some ACLU weed, then prepared this ridiculous press release accusing Hannity of re-entering our country illegally. (At this point I should probably clarify to any humorless liberal who might read this that the pot references are HUMOR, lest these Arizona Democratic jackasses with too much time on their hands set about suing PME for defamation.)

What does this little story prove? It proves, as Hannity pointed out, just how petty and worthless these sniveling little leftists are. They aren't interested in civil liberties or reasoned and rational debate on the issue of what to do about the problem of illegal immigration (or any other issue for that matter). In fact, as their "press release" indicates, they don't even consider these folks to be "illegal", just "hard working people who cross the border in search of work". Their main interest is in demagoguing this and all other issues and leveling petty charges against conservatives.