They Got Stoned and They Missed It

What did they miss, you might ask? The fact that the people whose interests they are zealously defending are entering this country ILLEGALLY!

If there's any type of anti-American, anti-Christian zealotry going on, you can bet that the American Civil Liberties Union either overwhelmingly endorses it or is an active participant in it. In this case, the anti-American zealotry extends to making sure that the "civil liberties" of the folks who are committing illegal acts on our border are being protected from those who are peacefully monitoring our borders -- the Minutemen -- to make sure that the folks the ACLU support aren't able to commit illegal acts by overrunning our country with themselves and their progeny, sucking up all the resources in the Southwest. Sound ridiculous? Try this out for size: Apparently some of the ACLU folks think they can do a better job of enabling the aliens in their quest to enter our country illegally while stoned.

I've always known that ACLU members were out of their gourd. Now I can honestly say they are stoned out of their gourd.